Seeking Advice For My Daughter

A few months ago, I had an idea. I wanted to add something new and fresh to my blog. It started with a few simple thoughts. First, it seems as though my daughter is inundated with advice from my wife and me. She needs exposure to other voices, especially since it is too early to know the path my daughter will choose. Second, I want to leave my daughter something in case something untimely were to happen to me. Third, I am lucky to either have in my life or be connected by one degree of separation to some amazing women. Women with diverse skills and life experiences. Women who are inspiring. Women who have much advice to share and can provide reflections that I am unable to. These women have interviewed the President, turned around a prominent Harlem not-for-profit, had honest conversations about sexuality, and won an Olympic Gold Medal. These women have given much to public service, written about some incredibly pressing topics, and created some breathtaking artwork. 

My blog adds a new section tomorrow: Advice For My Daughter. It features some truly amazing women, accomplished and up and coming from a variety of fields. I think it will provide not only something enlightening for my daughter, but compelling words of wisdom for others as well. Please check it out tomorrow and spread the word. #adviceformydaughter

Posted on July 22, 2014 .