A Fire Engine for Ruthie

A Fire Engine for Ruthie by Leslea Newman, illustrated by Cyd Moore



Ruthie loves to visit Nana, but they don’t always like to play with the same things. Ruthie loves fire engines and motorcycles, while Nana loves dolls and dress-up clothes. Nana’s neighbor, Brian, gets to play with fire engines and motorcycles. So why doesn’t Ruthie? Energetic illustrations capture the loving relationship between Ruthie and Nana in this insightful and sensitive story.

I love this book because it challenges gender stereotypes. We want our daughter to not be limited by the thinking of others, and this book affirms this. 

It's basically out of print, but you can find copies of A Fire Engine for Ruthie through Amazon dealers and your local library.

Posted on September 2, 2014 .