Pop Culture Pop Hall of Fame Inductee: Thomas Wayne (Christopher Nolan edition)

In honor of Batman Day, here is my brief testament to one of my favorite Pop Culture Pops.

Thomas Wayne, father of Bruce Wayne (a.k.a. The Batman) is one of the great fathers in Pop Culture History. His generosity knows no bounds as he has put much of his vast fortune into rebuilding his city, Gotham. He is a hands on pop to his son, Bruce. We are given the impression he is a good husband to his wife, Martha. The only argument against him is the poor decision to walk down that dark alley, but he basically sacrifices himself. The foundation he lays for Bruce is what leads to the creation of The Batman. Batman is selfless. He wants to bring the city back to its people and away from the criminals and corrupt.  I'd like to think Thomas Wayne would have been proud.

Finally, one of his sayings that has influenced my parenting focuses on accepting our humanity. We must embrace that we will stumble and make mistakes. Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up. Great advice from a great person and parent. The first inductee to the Pop Culture Pop Hall of Fame is Thomas Wayne, husband, father, industrialist, and philanthropist. 

Posted on July 23, 2014 .