2014 Year in Review: The Brown Gothamite Week

My wife and I joked that October should have had a Brown Gothamite Week, since I had multiple things drop during a seven day period. You know, it actually felt like it. Look, I'll take it. As much as I have enjoyed and even thrived as an at home father, it hasn't always been easy. I had numerous opportunities not come to fruition. I've been told that I was second best more times than I could have imagined. Being told you're not good enough hurts. So, I will take these victories. 

More importantly, I have been accepted by a supportive community of at-home-fathers and present, capable dads who don't judge. They have my back. 


See what I mean?

So, I will share my story. I will do what I can to enlighten those who don't fully understand what it means to be an at-home-father. I will do my part. I will embrace my responsibility. So, as much as this might have been The Brown Gothamite Week, it was just as much a week celebrating at-home-dads, concerned fathers, and daddies doin' work. 

Here's a recap of that surreal week. 

Sunday-Daily News article in which I was quoted.



Tuesday-My First Podcast. Thanks to Lance and Matt of City Dads Group for the invite.

Modern Dads Podcast: Episode 22: Engaging Moms to Evolve Fatherhood with Doyin Richards


Wednesday-An appearance on The Root Live with Harriette Cole. I was very excited to be on TheRoot.com, since it is one of my favorite sites and where I turn to for articles and discussions about race and black culture.



Friday-I was profiled with two other at-home-dads in the November issue of Real Simple Magazine.  The issue officially hit newsstands that day.

This great photo by Henry Leutwyler was featured in the issue.

This great photo by Henry Leutwyler was featured in the issue.

A fun week, made even better when people reached out after seeing me on TheRoot.com and in Real Simple. I hope to continue to represent at-home-dads and present, capable, and motivated fathers in a positive way in and out of print. 

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