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12 Pics That Prove My Daughter is Doing Just Fine

You see there are people who for some reason feel my daughter needs to play a certain way because she is a girl.

The Fifth One

Today is your 5th birthday. My five years of being your father have been a mostly glorious experience with a dash of frustration. I couldn't be more excited about seeing your further development. But, before I get ahead of myself, let's ponder this. Who are you at age 5?

You're the happiest kid I know.

Your teachers love your hunger for learning.

You're the child who thanks her basketball coaches after class even if no other classmate does.

You're comfortable in just about any situation. And you've been in a truly diverse array of them.

You find math everywhere and enthusiastically solve problems.

You put all your energy and effort into whatever you do, whether it's basketball or art or your friendships.

And yes, you are a good friend and loving family member.

You bring warmth into a room.

You are starting to remind me of your mother. But like Blade, you have all her strengths and none of her weaknesses.

You understand that you are not perfect and are open and willing to learn from your mistakes. Most days.

You made me proud like when you so eloquently discussed why the story of The Loving family means so much to you. Or when you stood up for yourself against a very angry and mean-spirited women on a bus. Or when you decided to thank President Obama for protecting African elephants and received a letter from The White House.

And, you are loved, more than you might ever be able to imagine.

Happy 5th Birthday to You, My Daughter.