Project Pay Attention

My daughter's school just announced its participation in Project Pay Attention, and I couldn't be more excited. We want our child to be socially active and aware. I often say (and mentioned this during our admissions process for Camilla's school) that my desire for Camilla is to be a voice for those who might not have one, an advocate for those who are in need, and an agent of change. This is the type of project that will give Camilla a chance to do all of this. It will also help, empower, and enlighten all of the students at her school. Project Pay Attention is also an initiative that connects wonderfully with my daughter's school's theme for the year: to awaken a consciousness of social justice.

So what is Project Pay Attention? "Project Pay Attention is an initiative that asks people to pay closer attention to their actions and the words they use, either verbally, in writing, or via social media. When you sign on for Project Pay Attention, you pledge to speak up for others, choose your words wisely, track your online behavior, inquire, challenge yourself, and spread the word.  By educating people, Project Pay Attention proposes to change the way our society thinks about language and to ultimately reduce the negative effects of ignorance and intolerance." (Source:

We usually focus on children during these types of projects, but it is imperative for adults to model the use of appropriate vocabulary.  "Bottomline: Young people learn behavior from adults.  If adults can become more aware about their language choices and actions, the next generation of children may live happier and healthier." (Source:

This is the kind of initiative that is not exclusive to my daughter's school. We all must pay attention! Will you join our family by promising to pay attention?

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I'm Paying Attention! Are You?

I'm Paying Attention! Are You?

Posted on November 17, 2014 .