36 things I have learned about my daughter in the 36 months I have known her

1) She is motivated by not wanting something to actually cry about.

2) She acts like a stereotypical intoxicated individual when she is in need of sleep. 

3) All water is apparently fresh. 

4) She loves Battle of the Planets even though she has only ever heard the theme song.

5) Her hide and seek skills leave a lot to be desired.

6) As do her red light, green light skills

7) But, her dancing is joyous.

8) She loves school.

9) And her dance and soccer classes.

10) Baseball is her favorite sport.

11) Peg + Cat has helped her math skills.

12) She sees herself as a superhero, and not a sidekick. (No Robin costumes in her future.)

13) The Police are her favorite band and Michael Jackson her favorite singer.

14) She called Julianne Moore Freckleface Strawberry when she met her and calls Jay Z "Uncle Jay".

15) She is in a toddler band named Grapes, Strawberries, and Blueberries.

16) Pink is her favorite color.

17) It's difficult for her to color without breaking a crayon.

18) She prefers her full name. 

19) She is the moral compass of her preschool class.

20) She doesn't like smoking because it makes the air dirty.

21) She hugs those she loves with a great deal of ferocity.

22) When she naps, she sometimes does this.

23) And this.

(That one might have been me.)

24) She thinks Fred Sanford looks like Beethoven. And that they both must be grumpy.

25) She can use multiple adverbs correctly.

26) She speaks her mind.

27) Chewbacca is her favorite Star Wars character.

28) Her father likes Doc McStuffins almost as much as she does.

29) Peter and the Wolf always makes her happy.

30) She does a great impersonation of her mother.

31) She is amazingly caring and thoughtful.

32) She usually destroys your Playdoh creations. She just can't help it.

33) She loves giraffes. They stick their necks out for their friends.

34) She uses the potty, blows her nose, sleeps in a big girl bed, and walks to school. Yet, she still likes to be held so she can snuggle.

35) She often wears a tutu and pink fedora around the house.

36) Her mommy and daddy love her more than they could ever have imagined.

Happy 3rd Birthday to my wonderful daughter.

Posted on March 18, 2014 .