My first official day as a stay at home parent

What a wonderful first day! I must say that it was quite action-packed. Here's a rundown.

1) After waking up, my daughter and I headed to Target to pick up big girl cups and art projects.

2) Breakfast!

3) Art time on her high chair table. Found some great stuff at Target! Her first Crayola products. Art is now proudly displayed in Mama's office.


4) After some play time, we headed to Story Time at the local library. Got to see my little one sing and play very well with other children. Very unselfish! By the way, the free play after the books and songs reminded me of something. I have been noticing how most parents I've seen lately distance themselves from their children in playgrounds. I think I'll stay a little closer than them, just to be safe.

5) Nap.

6) Lunch!

7) After lunch, we went to a local bookstore and checked on some books. A great place for children.


8) We found some time to Skype with Camilla's Nana. Always fun.

9) Home for a nap. Beating the rain!

10) Late nap led to quick snack, dinner, and play time until Mama arrived.

I am already loving this. She has even learned a few new words. The adventure has begun and it looks to be rewarding!

Posted on September 5, 2012 .