Penny: A Tribute

We lost an important family friend last Wednesday. Lost on the downtown B train in Manhattan, Penny, pictured here, was one of my daughter's closest stuffed friends. 

I'm not going to lie to you. I'm really quite sad about Penny's loss. She shared many adventures with us throughout New York City over the last three years. It is the first time we have had to speak with our daughter about loss. We also spoke to her about how she has to be more responsible with her toys when we leave the house. I have usually been the hero and rescued numerous toys dropped when we have ventured from home. Penny was often on the receiving end of those rescues. I can't always be the savior as much as I might want to be. My daughter has taken it surprisingly well, once again surprising us with her resiliency. Probably eased by this.

A replacement known as L'il Penny. Thinking about trademarking that name!

Another reason why I am sad is what Penny represents. She bridged the gap from my daughter as a newborn to a bouncing, vocal, and observant preschooler. Eventually, my daughter was going to move on from Penny. I understand that. But this is a reminder that these things can happen suddenly. Most importantly, it's a reminder to continue doing what I have been doing, which is treasuring every moment, because these are the most precious of moments. 

I have made a video tribute to Penny. Here's hoping she made some subway rider smile. 

Posted on March 5, 2014 .