Slow Down

About a month ago, I was heading to Target with my daughter. We went without the stroller, so we used the escalator. For the most part, we have always been just fine sans stroller. However, that day was different. A woman decided to be in a hurry. So much so that she decided to that she should move my two year old daughter out of her way on a moving escalator. Needless to say, I was not pleased. I first reminded her to not touch my daughter, especially without her or my permission. Next, I reminded her that it is problematic at best to make a young child move on an escalator. Finally, I shared something I learned years ago when I was starting out as an educator. This motto has really been quite helpful as I have transitioned into parenthood. Children are here to remind us to slow down. (Insert an expletive for dramatic effect if you'd like.)  Doesn't matter if you are a parent, teacher, or woman walking up an escalator. Patience is essential.  Sometimes, you need to remember to slow the ----- down. As she continued her ascent laughing nervously, I was pleased to see another woman smile and nod in agreement. 

Posted on August 13, 2013 .