Exciting News!

When I decided to launch TheBrownGothamite.com, I never imagined that anyone would read my work much less have it gain any attention or appreciation. It was certainly scary to walk away from a network that I knew for almost 20 years to try something new. There were certainly lots of odd looks and comments trying to dissaude my decision. This blog seemed like a great way to document my experience with my daughter as an at home father. But, somehow, my work gained a little attention. With the support of folks like Matt, Lance, and Kevin of City Dads Group, Lorne of Raising Sienna, Mike of Across The Margin, my best pal, Lindsay, my mother (check out her site Food Loves Beer), and, of course, my wife, Jenelle. I have done more than I ever imagined possible. Without this support, I would not have gained the honor of being selected as a Spotlight Blogger at the Dad 2.0 Summit next month. I am humbled and pretty damn emotional. Thanks to Doug French and the Dad 2.0 team for selecting your Brown Gothamite! #TeamBrownGothamite

Click here to view a post/press release from City Dads Group about my selection and the selection of Dave Lesser, a fellow NYC dad.

Learn more about the Dad 2.0 Summit Hosted by Dove Men+Care. The summit recently secured Esquire Magazine as its Official National Media Partner!

In addition, I will be featured on an upcoming podcast, Father Nation with host Jesse Foster. You can listen to previous podcasts here or download them from iTunes. Check out this preview below.