Real Strength

Dove Men+Care has a powerful new ad campaign that focuses on redefining real strength for men. As a father of a three year old, I can often impress my daughter with feats of physical strength. However, I want my daughter to be more impressed and inspired by my inner strength. Thanks to her, I am quite clear on how I would define real strength. 

Real strength is being willing to walk away from a physical confrontation because there are other ways to define your manhood.

Real strength is letting go of friends that might not share any of your core ideals. 

Real strength is admitting when you need help before it's too late. 

Real strength is not caring about what others think about your presence when you might be the only person of your race or sex in the room. 

Real strength is not being afraid of crying.

Real strength is being willing to apologize to your daughter when you've made a mistake. 

Real strength is not saying "I told you so" as much as you might want to.

Real strength is finding ways to support family and friends in trying times.

Real strength is not letting 44 rejections define you.

Real strength is letting go of grudges. 

Real strength is honesty.

Real strength is not wanting to be defined by antiquated and insulting stereotypes and challenging people when they do so. Sometimes you have to stand up when it is easier to sit down.

Real strength is being a present & concerned parent and a loving & supportive partner.

I hope that I can continue to show strength to my daughter, especially during those times when she most needs strength. 

Thanks to Dove Men+Care for this campaign and their continued support of fatherhood. 

Share your real strength on Twitter and Instagram by using the hashtag #realstrength or head over to their website.

Dove Men+Care posted this on their Twitter page. 

Dove Men+Care posted this on their Twitter page.