The Broad Experience: When Men Stay Home

I was recently invited to be on Ashley Milne-Tyte's podcast, The Broad Experience to discuss my time as an at home father. Ms. Milne-Tyte's podcast "is a 20-minute show hosted by Ashley Milne-Tyte that tackles some of the big issues facing women in the workplace today - things we think about, but don't necessarily talk about. We explore the quest for perfectionracesex'leaning in', and a plethora of other topics through storytelling and intelligent conversations with smart, influential guests." (Source:

Here is her description of the episode. 

More and more men are staying at home to look after kids while their wives or girlfriends support the family. In this show we explore what that situation means for women's careers, and what these role reversals mean for men. Evidence shows society still doesn't wholly accept stay-at-home fathers - that, in essence, we still view men as type-A go-getters who aren't 'real men' if they take on a caregiving role (see links below for more reading on this). In the US even taking a brief paternity leave can be a fraught issue depending on where you work. But will women ever be truly equal at work until more men become caregivers?

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