It's Loving Day and We're Celebrating Our Family


Our family is celebrating Loving Day today. So what is Loving Day? According to the Loving Day website, "Loving Day's mission is to fight racial prejudice through education and to build multicultural community." Our family is blended. With my being black and my wife being white, we certainly know that our country did not always allow couples like us to marry. We don't take that for granted and often discuss this with our child, especially when we head to the polls on election days. We also continue to deal with the fact that many do not approve of our union even today. Too many sacrificed for us to have the chance to be together, so those sly looks and subtle comments will not dissolve our love. Our daughter is the best possible reminder that love is love. So, chat with your children about the how our country is working to overcome a sad part of its history, and head to the Loving Day website to learn more. In addition, AOL published this piece. There is also a fantastic book about the Loving family that I reviewed a few months ago.