Dove Men+Care Continues Their Stellar Work For Dads

Dove Men+Care has been fantastic when it comes to advocacy for fatherhood, especially through their #RealStrength hashtag campaigns. I am personally affected by their work in a few ways. They support City Dads Group, Dad 2.0 Summit, and the At-Home-Dad Convention. They have included my family and my voice in some of their campaigns. Their latest campaign is incredibly powerful. It focuses on the Bonds of #RealStrength, showing how coaches have connected to players over the years. As a long time coach, I understand just how important these bonds can be. So, check out two of their new ads below.

Learn about what makes a real hero from NCAA basketball coach Jim Calhoun and coach Kevin Ollie. The unique bond that they share is a perfect example of how care makes a man stronger. "A real hero is not the player that hits the game winning shot, it's the guy that has your back when you miss it."
Listen to NCAA basketball coach Tubby Smith describe what a hero is to him. He teaches his players about more than just basketball; he shows them that care can strengthen them as well as everyone who surrounds them. ""For me, a hero is someone that reaches out to other people.
Posted on March 17, 2016 and filed under Fatherhood, Dove Men+Care, Real Strength.