A Letter to My Daughter About Technology

Dear Camilla,

As you might have noticed, I am a fan of many forms of technology. Although, I have heard numerous parents discuss their disdain for technology and have decided not to expose their children to devices like a tablet or a smartphone, I remain convinced that these devices as well as others are much more of an asset than a liability. So, I have decided to write this as a way to explain exactly what technology means to me.

I realize that it's difficult for me to think of technology without thinking of you. Perhaps I should explain. Technology is being able to share your birth with dozens of friends and family within minutes of your arrival. It's being able to look at pictures of you and document my life with you in my blog. I view technology as a helpful tool in your development. I love looking for helpful and fun apps that can aid your reading and writing. Others let you create digital art. I can even expose you to digital instruments to develop your own music and share those sick beats with friends. Technology is Googling the songs you are singing in your end of the year school performance when you want to rehearse the songs at home. Speaking of music, technology is having quick and easy access to my vast music library. You have become a fan of Stevie Wonder, Adele, Earth, Wind, & Fire, and others thanks in large part to this access. These are all great compliments to your current toys, what your mom and I offer you as parents, and what you do in school.

It's been so wonderful to see you embrace technology. But, I believe you will one day find technology even more impactful. Technology has given you access to two of your idols whose talent inspires you: ballerina Misty Copeland and WNBA All-Star Skylar Diggins. Without Twitter, you would not have been able to share videos that drew the attention and appreciation of these amazing women. The use of technology can remind you we are blessed. It affords you the opportunity to learn about and aid the less fortunate across the globe. Technology lets us speak about issues we care about and share those thoughts with the world. I can't wait to see you redefine technology as you continue your maturation.

One of my favorite writers is the legendary Ray Bradbury. Bradbury wrote several works of fiction that were not so subtle cautionary tales. In these works, he warned of an "over" reliance on technology. What can't happen is a loss of our humanity. The key is a balanced approach. Personally, I will never use it to replace my parenting, nor should you use to completely replace interacting with human beings. That's unacceptable. So, I end with this, Camilla. Continue to find ways to utilize technology in a variety of helpful and thoughtful forms.



Posted on June 17, 2016 .