Election 2016

I was asked by Dads 4 Change if I'd like to participate in a project featuring a group of fathers who are supporting Hillary Clinton for President. I was honored to be considered. I haven't been particularly political on my blog, but I felt it necessary to put my support being Hillary Clinton publicly. As someone who has often written about equality for women, I feel there is no better candidate in this election that understands and supports this incredibly important issue. For that, and many other reasons, I gladly took part in the video below.

This election season has me worried more than any other in my lifetime. There are far too many mean-spirited comments being used from Mr. Trump. Hurtful, despicable things are being said in social media and at campaign events about a plethora of the marginalized: Mexicans, the Disabled, "The" Blacks, Muslims, Women, Women, and more Women just to name a few. We are in need of an infusion of civility, compassion, and empathy. The children of this nation need to see adults model these ideals immediately. 

In addition, my family has been active in our support and educating our daughter about the election process. We went to a rally where Hillary Clinton spoke this past June and my daughter was featured in this post on the Hillary Clinton campaign website. I went to a meeting with Chelsea Clinton, a fundraiser with Cory Booker, and took my daughter to HRC HQ. We even went to meet a true American icon, John Lewis, who reminded us about the sacrifices people like him made so that folks like me could vote. We even made it to a great exhibit at the Children's Museum of Manhattan that featured autographs of every  U.S. President and a mini Oval Office. It has been so rewarding answering my daughter's questions about this election.  What we have discussed is how sometimes you vote not solely for you, but for others around you. This Presidential election we vote for our Mexican friends who we don't want to see deported, our Muslim friends we don't want to be excluded, and our gay and lesbian friends and family who don't need to have anyone nullify their marriages. We will definitely be voting in this pivotal election as a family this Tuesday. It's too important to sit out. 

Posted on November 7, 2016 and filed under Hillary Clinton.