Embracing My Inner Cleaner

I think many of us could do a better job of cleaning up our apartments and houses. It’s hard to find the time, and it’s not really enjoyable. My wife and I have learned to collaborate when it comes to cleaning. Creating a plan of action is the way to go! How does this division work? I usually get my headphones and listen to music or a podcast.  If one of us cooks, the other cleans the kitchen. We split the bathroom responsibilities, mainly because my wife hasn’t been impressed with my tub cleaning. One of us cleans the floor, while the other the counter tops. We do now fight over who vacuums, because we upgraded our vacuum cleaner and that device is just the best. (It took until my 40’s to find a vacuum cleaner that actually cleans.) But, I know that when I clean, my wife notices. And she ain’t angry! Kinda like this.

Now, I can’t guarantee that your loved one will show you the kind of love shown in the popular #MrClean Super Bowl Ad, but you will definitely make your partner smile! 

So, fellow dads, partners, and spouses, join me. Bust up those long standing stereotypes! Let’s do our part and help with housework, and find ways to “choreplay”.  

With Valentine’s Day coming up, who is the cleaner of your dreams? Show this cleaner using hashtag #MrClean, and you could just surprise your spouse/partner with a Choreplay Kit to up his/her game even further!

Head to Twitter or Instagram, post a pic of your dream cleaner using the hashtag #Mr. Clean!

Head to Twitter or Instagram, post a pic of your dream cleaner using the hashtag #Mr. Clean!

Finally, check out this Atlantic article which focuses on a study about couples and housework. It matters!

I was compensated by Mr. Clean for this post, but wholeheartedly believe in this message!

Posted on February 9, 2017 and filed under household cleaning, Mr. Clean, Advertisement.