Seeing Wonder Woman


My daughter is a big fan of superheroes. When it comes to DC heroes, she is all about Wonder Woman and has been for most of her six years of existence. So, she is beyond excited about that fact that there is a Wonder Woman movie. But, I am also beyond excited. You see, I grew up loving the '70's Wonder Woman television show. I had a set of Wonder Woman trading cards that were my most cherished possession. I would often walk around holding one of those cards. This almost killed me when I was about Camilla's age. The wind blew my Wonder Woman card out of my hand. Unfortunately, it blew into the middle of a New York City street. I had to get it so I let go of my mother's hand and attempted to run into the street to retrieve it. Didn't notice the red light and the cars. Thankfully, my grandmother grabbed me before something truly awful happened. Here's hoping my daughter won't risk her life for Wonder Woman. 

My daughter is living in a time when she can see superheroes on the big screen that I could only imagine seeing in a film. Her being able to see Wonder Woman in a major motion picture is a truly special moment for her. Here's why in this video!

Posted on June 5, 2017 and filed under Wonder Woman.