My Daughter and I Speaking about Representation on GMA

If you've followed this blog, you know I often speak about stereotypes and representation. I've always fought against stereotypes and championed genuine representation, and now my daughter has joined this fight as well. I didn't have to bring any of this up with my daughter. She made her own observations. (Why isn't Black Widow on Avengers shirts? Why isn't the WNBA more popular?) She is quite passionate about how girls are portrayed, and is paying very close attention to see girls who look like her on tv, and in books, toys, and films.  Representation matters to us and how girls and women are portrayed in the media are of the utmost importance. We both had the opportunity recently to discuss for Good Morning America something we are both passionate about. Check out the segment below!

Here is a summary of the Common Sense Media report that the GMA segment references.

In addition, I talked about some of these same issues on a panel at Fatherly's Dads+Social Good event last week. Watch the panel below. Here is an article about the event as well!