My Favorite Pop Culture Pops

I initially started this in February, wanting to create an entry about Black Pop Culture Dads, but I really wanted to include Coach Taylor of Friday Night Lights. So, I decided to make a list of my favorite pop culture dads. I hope people will read this and share his or her favorites. After much internal debate, here are my favorite pop culture pops. They are my favorites for a variety of reasons. Caring, funny, real, admirable. These fathers have inspired many of us and even mortified us. So, without further ado, here is my list.

Cliff Huxtable

Although I am not ranking, how can I not begin with one of the best dads ever portrayed. Pretty much everyone I knew at the time the Cosby Show was on the air wanted Cliff to be their pop. He was kind, funny, and full of wisdom. And the love he displayed for his family was beautiful.

Coach Taylor

Another NBC dad. Coach Taylor was far from perfect and certainly evolved as a thoughtful husband during the last season. But, his loyalty and devotion are admirable. Not to mention how dedicated his was to his players as people. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose Forever!

Chris Gardner

O.k., I know. Chris Gardner is a real person. However, since that movie had to take some liberty in his story, he counts as a pop culture dad. Gardner's story is amazing. His entire motivation was selfless. Everything was for his son. The sacrifices. The elimination of his ego. The willingness to work for nothing, just for a slim chance of success. He is the ultimate dad. Although I wish I had a father who fought for me in the same way, I know that my daughter certainly does. 

Furious (Boyz N the Hood)

Seriously, how tough was he. Spouting poetic wisdom every minute on screen.

Gerry Lane-Brad Pitt

World War Z

Look, there just aren't stay at home action heroes. He's damn awesome. 

Homer Simpson

Although he sometimes forgets his youngest child's name, it's probably because of the continuous brain trauma and not because he doesn't love them. He does. Unconditionally.

Here is my favorite Homer scene.

Admiral William Adama

So say we all. 'Nuff said.

Fred Sanford

He's the big one, Elizabeth!

Jack Bauer

He really does what he does to protect his daughter, dammit!

Bryan Mills

He has a very particular set of skills that make him the ideal dad. If you forgot what those

were . . .

Burt Hummel

On a more serious note, I end with this father. I, like a lot of folks, watched and enjoyed the first season of Glee. One of the more touching aspects of the show, was the relationship between the character Kurt Hummel, a gay teenager, and his father, Burt. The pure love shown by this father towards his son makes me teary just thinking about it. He supports his son and does not judge him. Burt evolves as a person and parent. This is one of my favorite portrayals of a father.

There are obviously many other portrayals of fathers out in pop culture. However, these are the ones that are most memorable to me. I hope you might make your own list!

Happy Father's Day to all my fellow fathers out there!

Posted on June 15, 2014 .