Five Essential Gifts For New Dads

Although I am still a relatively new dad with a three year old daughter, I feel it is my solemn duty to offer some fantastic gift ideas for fathers who are joining or have recently joined this awesome club. 

Protective Gear (Cup & Mouthpiece)

Yes, I really wish I had known just how many times my daughter would accidentally slug my penis. At least I think it was by accident. She might just be trying to secure her only child status for the long term. In addition, the shots to my jaw have led to a fear of a chipped tooth. I am pretty certain that my daughter is partly responsible for a loose tooth I had removed. I think it was the poet, Ice Cube, who once said protect yourself or you might wreck yourself. Or maybe it was Young MC. Too many shots to the grill have affected my memory.

A Smart Phone

There are so many wonderful moments you will be able to document with a smartphone. I use an Apple iPhone. It works quite well with my Apple iPad and my Apple MacBook Air. (Hey, you think that product placement might secure an Apple sponsorship?) 


Seriously, there might be moments that make you cry. I discussed recently how much more often I cry now as a parent. 

Nice monogram handkerchiefs are a wonderful idea, so you don't have to worry about blowing your nose on a shirt. (Although my shirt and pants have certainly been privy to my daughter's snot.) In addition, I have discovered that baby wipes are fantastic. So soft and moist on your nose. And they smell wonderful, too! No, seriously, I carry around a package of baby wipes even when my daughter is not around. Apparently, you can put a price on comfort - $3.99 at Duane Reade.

Comfortable Shoes/Sneakers

I have gone through my fair share. I decided that I needed a pair to not only protect my feet from wear and tear, but to also protect them from my daughter and her accidental drops of items that somehow always hit my arthritic toe. Seriously, this kid's aim is insane. She is like Bullseye from Marvel's Daredevil (coming soon to Netflix). Now that I think of it, she might just be trying to hurt me. Maybe I should just suggest sneakers to run from harm's way.

A Good Travel/Diaper Bag

I love being prepared. I tried a few diaper bags. Honestly, most of them lacked any sense of style or function. Finally, I found one that doesn't just look like a toy. It even charges electronic devices.  It works quite well with my Apple iPhone. :)

Happy Father's Day!

Posted on June 10, 2014 .